What parents and professionals are saying…

What parents and professionals are saying about Spotlight Social Skills!

  • We’ve all been noticing changes in our son. We give him lots of strokes for his mature behavior and he’s clearly feeling good about it. This week, he’s begun the summer school program at his new school. So far, he really likes it and he’s getting lots of positive feedback for good work there. Your group sessions have been key to his development and so helpful for the many transitions he faces.

  • “Parents and clients have been consistently enthusiastic when they describe their time with Regina Feinberg and Spotlight Social Skills. It’s clear that Regina targets specific social learning areas with a well-planned approach. It’s also really clear that Regina has great rapport with her young clients and their parents”.

    – Ben Wahl, MSW Aspiring Youth Program
  • My second grader has so enjoyed the play group with you and we can really see the changes. We watch her put to use what she has learned all the time. It’s hard work for her, but she is really making progress.

  • We appreciate you so much and all the wonderful help you are offering to our son. By the way, we regularly play the conversation game that you gave us over the summer. Our entire family loves playing and we often play it at the end of dinner when we are all seated together at the table!

  • My son and our whole family benefitted and enjoyed the family dinner time activity! I think it actually helped me and my husband as we rarely have time to talk as a couple. (And I have learned more about him even though we have been married for over 20 years.) It is an event that we are all excited and looking forward to. Even our baby shows excitement by insisting that she has a turn picking up the questions too. Ten years from now, when my son reflects on who has made great impact in his life, I am sure you would be the one.

  • I am happy with the progress we have seen with our son, his grades are great, but personally, he seems to be making many better life decisions and not fighting us on everything.

  • My son was higher than a kite after group this week. He started to tell me some of the things that you taught them and was self-reflective about how he could get better.

  • Last time my daughter gave a presentation in school it was on nuclear energy. I know that she knew a lot about the subject but it was hard for the audience to know this because she kept turning her back to them while she was talking. To make a long story short, yesterday she had another presentation. She made great eye contact, was organized and spoke clearly. Each student, parent, and teacher who attends the presentation provides written feedback including things they liked about the presentation. About four (not including me) wrote that one of the best things about her presentation is that she made good eye contact with the audience!

  • I overheard my eldest actually telling his brother to appreciate me for all the things I do for him, I almost fell over! Thanks for all you do!