Spotlight Social Skills

Spotlight Social Skills provides therapy to improve social skills by teaching social awareness, social thinking and social problem solving, in individual sessions and social skills groups. Spotlight Social Skills works with children, adolescents and adults who have challenges in social understanding to increase success at home, school, work, and in the community.

The Process

In Spotlight Social Skills sessions, we share joy and silliness, frustration and challenges. We role-play strategies for making friends and getting along with others in a small, comfortable and friendly environment, where it is easy to try something new and it is okay to make mistakes.

The Results

The Reason

We interact with our family members, peers, teachers, coaches, colleagues and bosses. We deal with others at recess, at the grocery store, navigating the hallways between classes and even driving. We use what Michelle Garcia Winner, the leading expert in this field, calls, “Social Thinking.”


Social Thinking is the complex process of paying attention to our thoughts and those of everyone around us and then making choices about our actions so that those around us think about us the way we want them to!

We use social thinking all of the time, 24/7! Social Thinking develops from birth, much like walking; it is intuitively “hard wired” into most people to work at learning how the social world works. Individuals with deficits in social thinking do not intuitively learn all of the social information around them. Instead they have to be cognitively taught how to think socially and understand and use successful social skills.

What our clients are saying

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Thanks again for your help and guidance. Your class has definitely made a wonderful impact on our son and our family.

We count you among our many blessings and are thankful for your great skill and dedication in your work with our son and our family.

My daughter would like to take the class again! You were so positive with her, and she enjoyed going.