Parent Coaching & Consult

Parent Coaching and Consulting

To guide parents through this process, we recommend that parents get involved in the following ways:

Parent meetings:

Parents meet with me as often as they feel is necessary to understand and discuss their child’s strengths and weaknesses in the area of social interaction.  We discuss and plan positive reinforcement schedules and determine priorities and goals for therapy.   These meetings are used to highlight progress, voice concerns about the client, create action plans and coordinate next steps.

Coordination of Care:

Once Release of Information forms are signed, I am happy to collaborate with important members of your son or daughter’s “team”, such as teachers, counselors, therapists, or psychiatrists.  Because we each see your child from different perspectives and in different settings, it can be extremely helpful to discuss observations, treatments options and plans to support everyone’s best efforts to help your child.

Parent Book Club:

Because we want to read the latest and greatest books and research on parenting, but often don’t find the time, I have several Parent Book Clubs meeting monthly.  We agree on a topic and book and read several chapters per month and discussing how the book’s insights can be applied to our own families.  I run these book clubs to help parents cultivate a deeper understanding of the art and science of parenting kids with social skills challenges!   This gives parents confidence to be part of the solution as we team up to foster improved social skills and social thinking!