Speech and Language Therapy

What we do for Speech and Language Therapy

My practice also includes traditional articulation, language and stuttering therapy for all ages! I have close to 30 years of experience successfully treating individuals from preschool through adulthood with speech and language issues. I’ve never met a speech problem that I couldn’t correct! I carefully analyze the root of speech or language delays and develop creative and concrete strategies that will remediate the problem.

Speech/Language Assessment:

A Speech/Language observation and assessment, including reviewing any previous testing will be done. We will then develop goals and objectives towards remediation of the speech or language issues. It is also important to help each child build self confidence in their ability to speak, understand and express ideas.


Speech/Language remediation should be scheduled at least once a week in order to gain positive results. Some families opt for more intense scheduling during the summer months when family schedules are a bit lighter.